“The Project began as a bunch of people wanting to make good music, but soon it became more than that.

We also wanted to celebrate Arizona and its rich musical roots. We wanted to show the strength of our State’s diversity. And we hoped we could plant a flag for our Arizona, a place where we respect the arts and the dignity and worth of each individual.

I asked each musician and singer to unleash their own talents and insights into the songs. This turned out to be The Project’s greatest blessing. The skill and dedication of these Arizona artists is truly amazing. I am thrilled and humbled to work with them and I thank each one for taking the songs to new heights.

I have always viewed music as one of the most significant things in life. For me, it has never just been for the fun or entertainment of it, although that’s important too. Songwriters have helped shape my life.

Music has fed my soul and kept it alive. This is a thank you to all of those musicians, with a special nod to the many great ones from my home state of Arizona.”

Grant Woods
May 2015